Bruce Covey is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at Emory University
and author of three collections of poetry - The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires,
Ten Pins, Ten Frames, and the forthcoming Glass Is Really a Liquid - all from
Front Room Publishers. His work also appears or is forthcoming in 26, Jacket,
Explosive Magazine, Shampoo, MiPo, can we have our ball back?, puppyflowers,
CrossConnect, Big Bridge, Word For/Word, GutCult, and other journals.

Reveal: Modern

Williams: Have you got the lightning reflexes of a Formula One driver?
Stein: Happy birthday! Congratulations! A gift for you!
Hughes: Using a VPN to get to corporate?
Loy: Model train control of the future-here today!
Pound: What is wrong with squid? Do we really need another proxy?
HD: Enough dreaming! It's time to ride!
Eliot: Does that suggest anything to you, sir?
Stevens: Add a third dimension to the structure!

Reveal: Ocean

Pacific: World's best cricketers head to Hong Kong
Atlantic: Visits teal and periwinkle, the American bubble
Indian: The national mall, the museum's location
Arctic: Struggle over land claims self-determination

Reveal: Fabric

Cotton: Full of verve and versatility
Polyester: The balloons are made of a sandwich
Rayon: Of larger amounts of zinc to the spin bath
Linen: Dotting the fields with blossoms of violet
Silk: Republished in an archival quality artist's book
Leather: It's easy to sign up to the left
Hemp: Stimulants, fans, blowers, and pumps
Wool: I hate to have to say this but I do

Reveal: Cube

1: Burning edge fire fox branch builds
8: From and inspired by the film
27: Quantum dot sources of photons on demand
64: Do you like fire red and leaf green?
125: The power car of the decade
216: 22 feet of drywall
343: Comes to the steelworkers
512: Return of the beautiful
729: Outflow of worthless, elliptical
1000: How I cubed a cherry. Modern ruins

Reveal: Beans

Green: Pacific pirate fishing rainbow warrior
White: Using every possible asset they have to find
Black: Building on the vision of ice cube
Pole: Back home feat fat john freestyle version
Lima: Evaluates agricultural subject in TLC
Mung: The fractionally tarted up fancy soup
String: Because objects are immutable they can be shared
Lentil: In the rain shadow of the cascade mountains
Refried: I am the little guru in your ear
Baked: Jumbled crossword, matching and gap-fill exercises
Coffee: Sometimes the black apron stirs you
Vanilla: Learn how I became the queen

Reveal: (Moon) Phases

FM: Infected mushroom I'm the supervisor
LQ: Join now and start earning points for free nights
NM: We hope you enjoy the new look and feel
FQ: Ga ga advanced sex think smaller scrub up

Reveal, the sequence from which includes these pieces above, stems
entirely from "I'm Feeling Lucky" searches within
The author has used different methodologies within each poem to
select the appropriate found texts.

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