Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo teaches literature and art courses
at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. His poems
recently appeared in Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Philippines
Graphic Reader
, and Cold Moon Journal. He maintains a blog at

The bookshop was abducted

The steel reinforcement later fled
after a round of tit-for-tat.
Life for the first time in seven weeks, bringing relief

diesel that started entering
a 24-hour period of quiet,
following the breakdown of a temporary

term. Restrain the animal so

warehouses, mosques, various
wounded, consisting of
800 water wells, 186 greenhouses, and nearly all
painkillers and x-ray film
with ranges up to 40 km

could reach as far as the
tent. That could be used for dual purposes
of construction materials, and to lift

a hotbed of illicit reshuffle.

Easing the water,
slaughtering can be done correctly and painlessly. If

ended / tunnels in order to fight any element
and this lack of clarity.

permissible land animals

Strip (film / -controlled borders and limited
Kite-flying event on

non-Member Observer / of self-
in the world, and is overcrowded / acquired

The length of the blade is twice the width of the / neck.
the demarcation line was not to be

Bank, creating two separate / lethal incidents
powers after the First / line between

and administered it through a
in a dramatic decrease / stretching back to biblical times
-Day War, to the / needed]

to sink into the sea, but that won't / fence
civilians, many of them perpetrated by suicide
used for cargo, closed down

Strip." "Therefore,
Strip in

control over the crossings in and out of

cameras. / oversight,
supervision.[26] Goods were also

cut off, although some of that
rocket hit his home.

out between the factions.[37] Interior
a moderate civil / behavior by both
spread in

before my eyes,
women and children in a burning / lot in my years
If the animal is ill or injured, it is no longer considered

responded by declaring a state
through tunnels. / newspapers,
law by progressively removing
seven people, after / other essentials

creating / the population. Under the
obligations of an Occupying / spokesman for
textiles, soap, olive-wood carvings, and mother-of-

citrus, vegetables, Halal beef, and dairy
absolutely no nicks or unevenness. The
cut flowers,

has been one of chronic need, de-
relaxation on restrictions in
turmoil and
new forms of agriculture.

his/her finger, he/she would feel no pain.

Roots, and plans were made in
white phosphorus

Back to Front.