Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo teaches literature and art courses
at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. His poems
recently appeared in Scarlet Dragonfly Journal, Philippines
Graphic Reader
, and Cold Moon Journal. He maintains a blog at

Seizure of pedestrians

How to tiptoe and peek with my maybes
Hugging your maybes,
Without locking us in place, my dead

Drinking ginger ale with your dead;
No sugar added, what an enticing smell to them—
"They're down with it"—one whistling
A list of lights, a note re: properties.

Is able to just
Run with it.

A garland of opaque balloons,
Potato chips dancing:
Each in its allotted darkness.

What is with the greater land

Mass of the programming?
Come down to it and fashion for us
Some door chimes not trying too

Hard to draw you in, the other shadow
Was all snot, not one fart out there
Saying oh, I've not
Eaten all day, not caring how peacock a figure,
It's still a face that chews through
All the syllables of "masticating," nothing

Elegant about that.
Least of all if yours,
The quality of gush and slipperiness

At last sliding us out of age,
bronzers. Some defense gear

We've yet to ring up, or we say search
Engine now with the amount of free

Will the test (as meant) ought
Smoke into the undersides of sinks. And I squeak this with glee,
No reservations whatsoever, how semi-

Formally were we requested to worry,
Regarding each other: I over you, you over me,
Till heads do we tail.

Cocktail season, so off to overhearing

At the palace (clubs to hearts,
Episode 2): "...just our luck, we knelt
On some sort of a bleeder..."

Our key weeks they kept from us,
How newborn we slid
Back into midnight—too

Needful now of syrup.

Back to Front.