Eileen Tabios has written, edited or co-edited 13 books of poetry, fiction
and essays, most recently Behind The Blue Canvas (short stories) and
Menage A Trois With the 21st Century (poems). In 2005, she will release
her next book, I Take Thee, English For My Beloved (Marsh Hawk Press).
She is the founding editor of Meritage Press, a multidisciplinary literary
and arts press based in St. Helena and San Francisco, CA and also the
author of the infamous Poetry Blog, "Chatelaine Poetics."

from The Masvikiru Quatrains
- after Jukka-Pekka Kervinen's "Cornucopia"

Page 6

ensemble: keypunch gimpy
precedence: dessicate endear
nosy: academy center
apotheosis: teaspoon secede

presupposition: windjammer urea
tailgate: void commandment
dejection: look masturbation
streetlight: dialogue spank

millennia: tanker extortion
thrall: cleanser denouement
disentanglement: never-do-well fixate
geopolitics: par approbation

unpronounceable: factionalism buttress
bread: unmentionable Roman
market: unstudied Senator
loiterer: destroyer indoors

malnourished: reptile bedroom
cavalry: aromatic prosaic
tadpole: venison yeast
descendant: prude confine

bald: eagle tub
schmaltz: trailer blvd.
thicken: defecate immigrate
rejuvenation: frugality importune

biathlon: distillery ultrasonic
Apache: open-air superhighway
harridan: around-the-clock skullduggery
censure: repentant rump

disparagement: sylvan psoriasis
umlaut: constituent M
singularity: downwards truss
novelette: aviary principality

Page 7

scandalize: ulcer janitor
junior: pharmaceutical pogrom
guilder: syndication disposition
chrysalis: starlet amid

perky: celibacy air
gambit: offal banana
impugn: shirt trachea
compliance: armored willowy

heartbreak: sotte voce semantic
turboprop: industrial controllable
penance: indices algorithm
transfusion: kingdom voucher

cynic: enumeration monkey
tedium: spleen weep
stateliness: sparseness iridescence
backslider: exult backwater

opera: transmutation mooch
squirrel: scrunch denouement
hornless: inglorious bulkhead
optimist: piper remaining

ornamental: carton dilute
a la mode: debatable defense
biotechnology: godson loneliness
zirconium: carburetor crudeness

touchdown: dwarves hurtful
Muhammad: engraver troupe
pantomime: bestridden proscenium
succulence: pro circumcise

scrambler: unstuck pulchritude
kleptomaniac: salary manifesto
napalm: courtship attune
smudgy: job give

Page 8

supreme: dyestuff displaced
abrasion: ostentation self-esteem
shipbuilder: thruway cunnilingus
toenail: perambulate bullish

tentacle: sergeant haddock
chlorophyll: apiary optional
powwow: coed volume
commandments: scriptwriter hormonal

misapprehension: thoughtless zippy
puny: unity stink
photocopier: extremity French
sapsucker: riff quintuple

secretariat: bragger snowmobile
decompress: throughway OPEC
professor: minutia civil
wonderment: incisive mother-of-pearl

hew: windsock supplant
engineering: rebate euphoria
neurological: role double-dealing
neophyte: epicure gig

defoliation: modicum begin
domain: better disinfectant
majestic: occupy intestine
derringer: bedeck collage

repose: straightness walrus
fungie: percolate heredity
poultry: wraparound flapper
EKG: persevere indiscriminate

oxide: stripling game
parvenue: Lutheran underwritten
tubercular: strapless euphemism
patriarchy: lax chatter

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