Gabriel Coffman is a PhD Candidate in the University at Buffalo (USA) and
has been a reader/screener for Fiction Collective 2, Subito Press, and Timber
. His work can be found in Yalobusha Review, Psychopomp Magazine,
Gone Lawn, Blue as an Orange, Red Ogre Review, Dream Pop, The Hunger
, and Five:2:One.

Every sense is non-calculative. A perceptional trace disjunction.

A motion might package language and cognition into a supposed inseparable evolution. By applying this: multiplicity becomes arrowlike. The deluge threaded into stream and dam, used for hydropower.

If an aphorism is a binding, axiomatic truth, then it has a short direction towards a wisdom. Its work is holding knowledge as it is being aphorism. Dynamically extending into without turning into property. But how to read the aphorism's work? Scanning distant stars gone dark.

Speech is a various mode that is its process of measuring is appearing. Not as tool. Entrapped in a thinking in language. The metaphysical skeleton, but a skeleton doesn't move on its own, so what moves the skeleton's bones through the body? Is muscle the language? Or further from it? More orbital, celestial?

An avoidance of the analytical means a meandering.


A reading might say the mystical is that which cannot-be-expressed in language but by its structure, its net motion. Not by a singular pointing but by circling and curving spirally.

An acidic poetic creeps into the page and erodes the separation of materials, already laying and pressing into one another, eventually: a pulp eroded past the formal reading. The physical transformed. Is this poetry or thought or speech of reflection?

Declarative perspective lacking authoritative meaning making. To howl and hoot into night at the pace that is not a work whistle. Dismissal of the analytical, but in leading to the limit, there is play to be done, in the exhaustion, in the attempt to run as fast as possible. One moment in relation to another moment.


What kind of pointing gets pictured, gets used? Or occurs?

We might notice the temporal-spatial barrage we are in when we read without thoroughness, but with delugional qualities. The outset errantry and exploration is there because of the multiples of sentences. From the standpoint of reader, we can arrive with what er language shows and utters. What it awakens.

By dwelling in the poetic line an opening occurs. Therein, speculation can show forth in language extremity, in exhausted grammar, the possibilities. The alternative is the common analytical writing.

The inexactness of a globe held in the hand is easily made, but the claim that, there in the palm, is complete understanding is a danger that forgets, while claiming that there is no forgetting.


The dilemma pushes the dismay away into a distance without cutting it off. Wrapped up in a sentence is a complicated quality of negations to propose something more than suppositional. But the sentence doesn't lead to opposite, it leads to options, possibilities.

To stitch essences with what comes formless. Then what arises forth? Is it a construction or a place that is not 'less than' a place or experience in experiencing '-less' not '-more.'

While reading, one thinks extendedly of body. The eye arouses the self to the page on which attention is not absorbed by the book but the book plays with the attention, until the hand moves the page, changes and corrects its information that is there and made less distant (less never having have happened but having been read) by directing the body to do the process of the reading (and the many functions of it). One wears a book, and the book plays the wearer.


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