Kevin Simmonds is a San Francisco-based writer and musician. His latest book is
Ota Benga Under My Mother's Roof (University of South Carolina Press). His writing
has recently appeared in Cincinnati Review, Bellingham Review, Bellevue Literary
and Octopus. He wrote the text and music for Emmett Till, a river, a noh-
inspired play commissioned by Creative Work Fund scheduled to debut at Theatre
of Yugen in late 2013.

no need for salvation

we began as trees
no wonder we ache
for wine-filled branches
forgiven nothing
no lips for why

religion: you

god doubled
persuaded into skin

under the pads
of my fingers

gristle behind my knees
to bend

at your crotch
the flare gone up

to sky
no need for it

the sky

wild, there

wreckage is the lasting thing
||: so mean its music :||
whatever vows we've made
cello them
sink your vowel
into them
none of us are right
just made & by many mannered
& unmannered

complaint: sushi

you frown at the wasabi
curlicued by an icing tip

japanese foodie you instruct
in civility

a dull dollop
of green-wicked center

simply that
for the pinwheel

unagi hatahata

translucent ginger
seaweed straps

the gratifying shade
of restraint

none of it yet
infected by heat

until pressed
by wooden sticks

carried to flame
inside our half opened


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