Leo Kang is a part-time pistachio tea fiend from Yorkshire, England. In
2022, he was the First Prize-winner of the Tower Poetry Competition
and a Foyle Young Poet of the Year. His poems have been published in
Oxford Magazine, Rust and Moth, COUNTERCLOCK, and others. He is
currently studying English at the University of Cambridge.

As a Day-Old Bouquet

I am stranded in the errant chalk of you

can you hear me? fingerful

of freesias chewed by the moon

As a Weekend Weather Report

stray dogs may be stricken at any time by watercolour

bylanes closed to the oncoming cadmium bitterly

risen this tint this tilt I have misplaced

my memories I am sheltering at the roots

As a Sprig of Flowering Almond

He called it nobility, these continual shatterings.

Loose skein of hair. Petals across the tablecloth.

In 1890, Dr Gachet advised him to paint above all else.

We collapse into pigment at the touch of one another.

As an Alcove

Fragile mica of our mouths, again. Each name, gnawn down

to the hand bone. Was that a child or a crushed hydrangea

between the bushes? Whose breath was that, quickening on the stairwell?

Neither deer nor their diagrams were left for us inside the memory.

Suns misspoke. The hours grew rosier in their guillotines.

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