Lidija was born in Lithuania in 1942, spent her early childhood as a refugee
in displaced persons camps in Germany, and arrived in Australia in 1949,
where she resides, writing in Lithuanian and English. She has three book
publications in Lithuanian and four bilingual poetry books. Her poetry has
been translated into thirteen languages and she translated Australian poetry/
prose and other works into Lithuanian. Poetry read and choreographed for
modern dance performances in Australia and Lithuania. Composers and artists
have used her poetry in their compositions and works. Shortlisted for Poem
of the Millenium in Australia (2004), she was one of the laureates in a Haiku
competition in Lithuania (2009). Lidija has received poetry grants from
Australia Council, South Australia Dept. for the Arts and Lithuanian
Australian Foundation. She worked professionally as a dietitian/nutritionist.

Hey the Voice

from stairs in the dark
in street smog of NYC

wan'a smoke hash
to make your hair grow

the red painted staircase
in East Village concrete

where black magic sleeps
on black skin, white skin
tattooed skin
and skin heads

and out of the sewer
a column of steam reeks
from the boiling guts
of lower-than-town

I Want City

colours to disappear
from exhaust pipes

in summer's furnace
roads forever burn

Roman ghosts sprinkle
water and offer salt

Silent Village Streets

white wash
sea captain houses

fishermen huts slumber

rambling plums and
rosehips entwine
picket fences

a young girl cycles
in zigzags through
fallen leaves and apples

sea wind spreads salt
across sand grass
to wood pines

Sun Splinters

blue tipped pines
burgundy maples
and saffron birch

mushrooms blush
in lichen bed
dew rolls from moss

wood velvet

a squirrel's dart
the gravel path

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