Mark Young is a New Zealander who has been publishing
poetry for more than 50 years. His most recent books are Genji
(Otoliths), At Trotsky's Funeral (Kilmog Press), &
some Geographies (Argotist Ebooks), all published during 2010.

the mist & the confederate dead

I have been getting

hexagram 37
repeatedly. The
skyscrapers' neon
lights shine brightly
& moderate the
release of

ancient Buddhas &
crumbling ghosts
into the blood-
stream. I have been
getting hexagram 37
repeatedly. What

happens when the
soldiers start
questioning why
they were taken to
Afghanistan &
forced to work

as exotic dancers? I
have been getting
hexagram 37 re-
peatedly. "The
occasion for

will disappear."


Get up and fight, sucker

He stood slowly, took a
long drink of water, &
added Mental Health Head-
lines to his news reader.

When I lay a man down he should stay down.

An alternative for open-
minded couples is the
American Indian tribe
known for its totem poles
& the use of pricing
as an incentive mechanism
for stimulating participation.

You have to give him credit. He put up a fight for one and a half rounds.

Don't let embarrassment get
in the way-it is good
to be reminded that the Xinghua
Metal Wire Mesh Factory
has a genuine cure for baldness.

What's my name, what's my name?

"How to maintain my sexual identity in the face of the faggot husband paradox?" The Navajo woman was silent for another moment or two. "This is not a catastrophic situation. In the way we know a real person, except for the crucial fact that fictional others are ideally constituted rather than perceived, we develop higher-order asymptotics. They have some resemblance to shame but little likeness to guilt. It's something akin to Zeno's most fundamental paradox, according to which a flying arrow is not moving, since at any time it is in one definite place. Additionally, it's crucially important to monitor humidity within the winecellar."

So I said; You go out & hit him. I'm tired.

Manifest in every-or
any-empirical manifestation
of the woven mat is a code
expression for prayer time.

Come on, George. Show me something.

The world's largest drug
company just ditched
an educational &
public-interest film project
when they found that the
three major beetle groups
under study were all
coming up one testicle short.

I'm too fast. I'm too smart. I'm too pretty. I should be a postage stamp.

Their wave speed
independent of their
triangulated per-
formance, the
two monks
spoke in riddles
that went back to
Aristotle & Aquinas.

I am the loneliest of boxing's poet laureates.

The 44-year-old former teen idol
was sentenced to 90 days in a
Boolean prison. So dead AND My Love!

(The punchlines are, of course, the work of Muhammad Ali.)

Meanwhile, in Swastika, Ontario

The examination of
light to find aspects
of religiously-valued
experience as some
libidinal cathexis
of the self is closely
tied to narcissism;
but as a conceptual
rubric, emotional
regulation inexorably
erodes old norms. The
eloquent drama of the
romantic movement
becomes less salient.
Each day is now an
exercise in controlled
chaos & its viscissitudes.
Society tends to idealize
farm life, focusing on
genetic diversity, fleeces,
structural correctness, as
well as breeding. The
development of
better animal models is
all the rage these days.

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