Marc Carver, a British poet, was recently an internationally featured
poet at the Austin International Poetry Festival. He has published
four books of poetry and has had some seventy or so poems published
and posted at various sites. All of his books are available on He is now writing a book of fiction and hopes to publish
it very shortly. He performs mainly in London and will continue to
write poetry as long as people enjoy his work.


I saw an arsenal fan today.
I knew he was an arsenal fan
because he had an arsenal hat
on his arsenal head.

He first came to my notice
because he was a dwarf.
My first thought was whether he goes to many of the matches.
Maybe he stands on the seat
and jumps up and down and cheers.
I wonder what it is like
to look up to


The palm tree sways slightly
The pool ripples.
Women walk with children that belong to them.
The breeze comforts girls
Who serve drinks
That nobody really needs.
People read 'El Pais' 'le Monde' and the star.

Lewis has hurt his head chasing a girl
She was too quick for him.
He talks to Guan luca very slowly
and with an Italian accent.
I ask the Italian
Where have the rest gone?
"All gone." He says.
"What about you, why did they keep you?"
"I am lucky." He says.


For some strange reason I thought about buying one of those dolls.
Those silicon, real life dolls.
I could sit it in my front room
and dress it up a bit.
If anybody came around.
"Hi there
have you met my wife.
Say hello darling
we have guests."

I wonder whether they are good company
Apart from the obvious that is.
I guess you could even put lipstick on them
and a bit of rouge as well.

The main drawback I think
is that they are quite expensive.
But the skin is like that of a real woman�s they say.

The trouble is
they could not bring you a cup of tea
or clean the kitchen though.
I don't suppose they say much either
but that could be a good thing I guess.

What do you think love
About this or that.
Come on
don't give me the silent treatment.
What have you got to say on the matter?
Come on out with it.
I guess that they are not to warm either
unless the silicon warms up as you get close to it
and maybe practice some exercise on it.
Maybe some karate moves.
Ow yah.
Pretend she is one of the girls from kill bill.

No you can't beat the real thing they say
All woman
Ivan loved them all and I loved Ivan.


I picked up some red apples
then a woman came towards me in the potatoes aisle.
I could not take my eyes off of her.
She walked past me
but I kept looking at her.
Then I saw her again near the mushrooms.
She would not look at me
but she must have felt my eyes.
Eventually I came to my senses
and moved to another aisle.
I even went to another part of the shop
but before long
I had to return
to find her.

There she was again
as beautiful as ever
close to the ready meals.
I think that she started to worry about me
so I left.
Another woman smiled at me close to the bread section
but she was not as beautiful as the potato woman.

She began to follow me
up towards the cakes
but I was going back to find the woman of my dreams.
For a second
I considered telling her
that I could look at her all day.
You are the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen
I could have told her.

I went back to try and find her but could not.
The other woman followed me to the check out
and as I left she was right behind me.
But I was looking for her.

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