Miles Varana's work has appeared in a variety of publications, most recently Chicago
, Yellow Chair Review, Clear Poetry, The Bitchin' Kitsch, and Unbroken Poetry
. He has worked previously as a staff reader and managing editor at Hawai'i
Pacific Review
. He enjoys naps, rainy days, and copious amounts of sushi. Miles lives
with his girlfriend, Alana, and their pet bunny rabbit, Cameron.

When Would Be an Appropriate Time To Quote Ecclesiastes?

Love gets the most likes,
is always breaking news,
defies conspiracy on every forum.

Of its tempest we pretend
to learn something new,
like snow melting on solar panels.

Now picture this! Hephaestus
shivers, and tightens the net.

Rich and Hearty

When I'm especially hungry, I like to imagine the state
of the soup before the opener's teeth break its seal.
Potatoes and carrots suspended in a vacuum,
asteroids colliding with already-split peas,
carboniferous protozoan beef blobs rising amphibiously
from the sauce, my own past-participle
embryonic self revolving slowly head first, fed by it all,
voices in the dark, lost somewhere, undone somehow.
What next? Oh yes— the microwave.

Why are you reading this?

Do you expect to learn the Truth?
Well, that's fine. Here it is:
the Truth is that all of you
are mutually destructive savages
and poems are refugees,
and poets are war profiteers.

Promises Kept

The drive to Scottsdale was long.
We listened to classic rock, no country.
Without sleep, we found hubris,
like the spines of cacti,
sharpened in drought.
Ahistorically, I wondered
whether the road would last.

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