petraf likes the name of your journal. petraf is ok.

I was told to flesh out, expand,
it gave me all these body image issues.
I am excited to have issues.

My boyfriend doesn't meet me irl,
he thinks skype is hotter. I don't do
anything but flex, you pervert.

When I lick my bicep he shows me his
emojis, it's too cute. I visualise the elderly
me sagging to keep me humble

and full of issues. Everyone dies what.
Only God lives forever and ever,
licking his bicep constantly.

All my friends are high on
Pap your protein, bruh, who did your pedi
sis? Our private chats are pure

streams of unanswerable questions.
We make out deeply and distractedly
until boredom and Lazada set in.

Lazada's got a sale on friends again
and some are super cheap.
No point chugging protein without a

sponsored stringer! What gorg
gellish pedi! My friends are the best
promo codes and kissers.

My filthiest secret is I'm addicted
to tumblr, not the porn,
but the liking. I like at least an hour a day

non stop to show I have
a personality. I make sure to like an
equal portion of doggos, babies

and schoolboy bestfriend sex stories.
My personality makes me ultra
hungry. Tumblr has 93 genders but

my country banned fake news.
There are not 93 genders,
there is only one. That's me.

Me and my future ex-wife get off
on doxxing each other.
Her Maplestory password is oh

so dirty and my Google secret
question makes her hard for hours.
My boyfriend hired twelve

Chinese teens good at grinding
Maplestory weapons.
He gives their babies English names.

Gutter. Vulva. Fawning. Jayden.
My Paypal recovery email address.
Someone's got a hot name now,

my future ex-wife moans and purrs.
God I love my boyfriend!

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