Ricky Garni grew up in Miami and Maine (USA). He works as a graphic
designer by day and writes music by night. His latest book is The Pressed
Tablets of Domino
, was released in Spring 2019.


The yellow house with the dark storm clouds
behind it. If you turn around, there are several
roses that are out of focus. Wait now they are
in focus. If you open the door, you can find
a record with three guys dressed up as pharaohs
singing Funk Box. If you close the door, across
the street you can buy a cup of tea that smells
a little like water. Yes, that sounds nice, and by
closing the door the wind will push its way
towards the roses, and the one that is dying will
say Thank You in waifish rose. Right now or soon
the rain will fall a little like tea out of a thousand
tiny cups onto the bossy earth. Nay, the glossy earth.

I'll Have The Usual

I usually say nothing about unfinished drawings in
chalk of airplanes in fluffy white clouds but I have
one of those in my hand right now. Well I did, and
then I put it down and picked up my pen. I put my
pen down and I went over to the typewriter. I kept
walking and I ended up at the computer. But I find
myself distracted by love. We are in an airplane
in a fluffy white cloud. It's right over there. I was
holding it. Somebody should buy some chalk at
the store and come home and complete this, or
at least do something. Me, I can't draw.

In The News

So many birds disappear in Hawaii.
And Hawaii is so beautiful.
He does kiss the back of his hand.
It makes the same sounds as a Kauai Elepaio.
The Apapane looks like the flower he drinks.
I won't spend my life looking for birds.
The Kauai Elepaio is grey and dark.
The Anianiau is the color of a lemon.
If an Apapane was run over by a fire engine,
it would be ironic, since they are the same
color, and there are so few fire engines
in Hawaii. Sometimes I think: I like Hawaii.
The sky of Hawaii is perfect. I would like to
spend my life in Hawaii. If only I could say
that and mean it. But I can't. Not when
the Chief of the IMF is attacking hotel
maids in New York City, New York, as
they say he did, so lustily.


I can't seem to concentrate I think it's the espresso
I say and Debbie says you don�t drink espresso and
I say you're right I don't, but I think about Vienna
all the time, it's all I can think about, and I am always
drinking espresso in Vienna I say and Debbie looks
at her feet and I say With you, of course, watching
you actually drinking espresso while I am thinking of
you Debbie in Vienna holding you in my funny arms
but not drinking espresso because my funny arms
are already filled with you

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