Ricky Garni grew up in Miami and Maine (USA). He works as a graphic
designer by day and writes music by night. His latest book, The Pressed
Tablets of Domino
, was released in Spring 2019.

A Review of Pan's Labyrinth

Franco was bad, but had a nice name.
I also am partial to Frank and Francis.

Spanish people have more fun than English people.
That's because while we wear shoes, they wear

I guess it's true that a grasshopper or stick insect
looks a little like a wood sprite, but you have to soften
it up a bit, give it curves and sweetness, tone down
the green, and then add an engaging smile.

If you take "l" off of luggage, it's "uggage."
I like that. I like to think about my
personal uggage. Or 'uggage.

If you don't like where you are, draw a door
with a piece of chalk on the wall and simply
go somewhere else but don�t leave your chalk
at the door.

I don't think you should ever display
your torture tools twice in a movie.

I don't think any movie should have
a torture scene.

I hate torture.

That being said, never threaten a woman
named Mercedes who prepares food
and is secretly part of the Resistance
and naturally has a handy collection
of paring knives in her apron.

You would think being stabbed in the back
twice would be enough to kill you, but
apparently not, if you are evil.
(See Mercedes above.)

Do mandrake roots really look like people?

Aren't mandrake roots in poems?

Aren't mandrake roots poison?

Is the mandrake root related to the bell pepper?

I guess I could just look it up.

I don't think you eat them.
Maybe in salads.

Speaking of eating,

Never eat two grapes at a finely appointed
dinner table with a silent pale man seated
at the head of the table or the seated
pale man will eat you. Unless of course
the stick insect wood sprites sacrifice
their lives to save you. Imagine being
eaten by a creepy naked pale guy
with eyes in his hands. All because
some kid ate grapes even when
they said,

"Whatever you do, don't eat
any of the sumptuous feast."

Which of course included the grapes.
the grapes. Which by the way, looked

Two fairies down, one left.
Way to go, Ofelia.

Is that the right way to spell Ophelia?
Maybe in Spain. I once hears someone
call out OFELIA! at the Zapatos Store.

It was a beautiful day in January;
the oranges along the Rambla
were quite ripe.

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