rob mclennan lives in Ottawa, even though he was born there. The author of ten
trade collections of poetry, he is editor/publisher of the online critical journal & the poetry annual, Ottawater.

with all the exactitude of a bird's flight

dark all of a sudden, dusk

& not dusk, rain

w/ all foreshadowing
, even w/ experimentation

a new relationship, a new beginning
phoenix asks & on my face

afraid of the storm if they say
a storm is coming

if from one love to the next
you remember

what the last one looked like; any

its good to taste different

proposes that an eye is nothing

the season over & its barely begun
sun shine
in the rain

, all things
come back to poetry, barry suggests

if a desire
is desire still

when i think back
to you

when i think back
to me

& everything depends upon

& if you were listening

nothing like talking abt the weather

if this were to say, convention

bus wheel & the shutter

a broadcast note, a

he says, even looking for someone
i havent met before

(who isnt)

, dumbfounding
clean or glibness

how do you ever get
a clean begin, or


begin with a map of the city

if this place looks anything
like the map it represents

a blueprint streets & windows,

the charm of a dog,


as the words are being written,


the words that go out over a landscape

and will 'it' be a pebble or a heavy stone

the long flavour of a summers day
come spring
, the hot hot heat
& muggy drone apartment appetite

i am listening i
am not listening

a pebble or a heavy stone,
the same rate drop, i know

would these alone be clear

or not clear, thrown

i dream of open waters

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