Jaya Savige's first collection, latecomers (UQP 2005) was the winner of
the 2006 Kenneth Slessor Poetry Prize and the Thomas Shapcott Prize. His
poems have appeared in numerous publications, most recently in HEAT,
, The Age and The Warwick Review (UK). He is the poetry advisor
to the Australian Literary Review, and has published reviews in the Sydney
Morning Herald
, Australian Book Review and The Courier Mail. He was a
co-writer for the cabaret production, Feasting on Flesh (Strut 'n Fret),
performed at the Sydney Opera House in 2006. He holds a masters degree
in Creative Writing from the University of Queensland, where he received
a university medal. In 2007 he was writer-in-residence at the B.R. Whiting
Library, Rome, assisted by the Australia Council.

Corporate Sky

"...where executives would never want to tamper..."
- W.H. Auden

Spring trading -
birds and flowers launch

a joint venture
to takeover the garden.

The bid seems fair:
one flash of colour per share.


Injection of new light
through the window,

highlighting her breast,
successfully restructures

the small business
of his arousal.


She chooses
the rollover option

to minimize the risk
on her investment.

He's just glad she's
not losing interest.


Friday night in while
he's away on business.

The all ordinaries
close the week higher

on the back of a surge
in pharmaceuticals.


The sun, ceo
of the corporate sky

cruises round the block
in its gold Maserati.

Soon it will return

to fire the darkness.


The company of stars

its dazzle
to this luminous city.

Her only difficulty:
the fluorescent accent.


Clouds pile up
on the grey desk

like memos
for the day's meetings.

It's my job to
take down the minutes.

Shorts Weather

your jeans collapse like peace
talks in the middle east by the
broken aircon unit in the corner
to celebrate the first spring day
in winter & as the sea-breeze
surfs in off the beach your knees
breathe & your calves begin
their long journey to the king-
dom of vitamin d while some-
where in Basra or Darfur knees
are where one's legs stop &
only lucky amputees feel free
enough to hone a phantom tan.

Touch Screen

dissection of the apple
keynote to launch the iPhone:
godlike steve tests google
maps with a search for starbucks
orders ten thousand cappuccinos
to go & all the tech heads go nuts
like they did over the touch
screen later that night at home
they scroll up thighs and are
surprised to find the user
friendly interface glitch free.

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