Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino's poetry has appeared in Barrow Street,
jubilat, Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics and online at Cordite Poetry Review,
Stylus Poetry Journal, hutt, nthposition and Poet's Canvas.

The Crocodile

in stress and carriage
in darning pleats and salts

and bearing certain ordinary likenesses
or to pass, unrecognized

in tide.
in shallows and remove

in summer lists and anthem
is making face of boot and purse


once held, the palm is a statement
a chronicle, a poet

staying not
a port or congregation, those

for whom, unfolding, and upon meeting
a wind, stay, and are gone

Stephen's Landing

Water-green reeds
stand sentinel,
to a season's waste.

Here the sunnies bob
to bread & corn,
then dive to mudded rainbows.

Plentiful minnows scram,
their nests bubble and thrive;
insects scurry the water top.

Casting my rod from a deck, I see
among cress & vine, vague recall -
asylum of verdigris.

Mostly complacent syllables
through miry depth

Where are the flirting lilies
that changed to winged bandits and
flew all care away?

A tranquil water breaks
upon a stone, in part hidden,
in part plainly seen.

My paddle dips, imparts a ringed cadence.
Winds reverse their course;
I drift with it.


to wish to pause
and planning, planning to return

are of the page, to reflect
is to reflect, of our own say

and welcome, are key, are enough

are unexpected, are at hand
or sudden

and is, perhaps, again, the very room
to be in company

in company, to see
the page, or turn to see

of any sudden, or, guessing, or play
are enough

be it large or small or van or boon

in turn
at different rates of tour

no inherited fit or repertoire
in mid-career

fit or altered, or pathe or incidental
and there is, immersed

in how, of, say, pretense, or lectern
another note or bar or margin

and of the eye
replaced, by sound

the ear can see
a margin or purpose

and of these, to see
not only feeling but is an episode

the chance arrival of pacts
proper to, or, gives way to new

is apt, or, to be permitted

done so,
the square of a face

serious and hurry it

each counts, is really stands alone
or are comic, and exact

and curves, into furniture
in a turn, in a tumble

a shrub or suburb
the sudden leads to fit in hand

in no sense of the page
to capture, or ledger, or region

not to say, so unlikely
from time to time, in any landscape

a series of rushes
an arrow off a thread

fiery, and even fidgety
before whom, to quite suddenly

a madman,
which marks those who work when they need not

a great house
but because, and, so unlike it, it fits

that these are all, or, so

so to reflect
reflecting is enough, and always, to surprises

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