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(from) The Homages of Eagle
Book XV


Yr eyes, the same air folds you back
inside the songs we are, and smooth

to see the shores afloat the same again
as lights, and drift across the lanes

at love her toss & gleam, the room
wd peal across the floating heart, yr

lips loose leap, simpler times arrive, and
home this score, her eyes are rooms, I'd

call the doorway open open, the very same
impression painted house : begins the center

of the work, begins this song throughout
a name and call recalled again we mark

this light from chaos drawn this light
is love, and maps us sharper flown

in simple single acts, again the stories
bloom to score specific names, eagled.


You are, then, drawn along the sky,
to time recall'd, a face along,

among yr others call'd the ship at
juncture flown her eyes are sum

the charge alert, wd love the spin
within; as eyes, as light, as

goes between the signs for love, a
flying sign again between her

legs, a spot, and tensed released
the light exposures poet thorough

lines are also eyes and shoals the
oars are wrapped yr sails are

wool to score the seas in blue
days moved throughout repeats

the opening of love is another light
beginning in the day you are.


Term affirmed, water crossing, into.
I am within the same day settles;

sincerity, entered, the simpler signs resist.
but holding to, oar applied, his season

for rotation's schemes after light, in
Event the rest rests. Love-arrived, a

gerund. Would cling to air received, err
float, forward flaps her nines, at.

If it goes forward, driven, named, the
days we are wd float, perfect seeing

calls the waves aground, my licenses
received, a bathroom plan & scheme

for pleasure's song reviewed tonight.
shines her lips are melons sung.

and eye along yr back, is show
for light to enter in behind.


Makes align a line, hearing. Would
clear these sharper eases, formed at

the world's cross & pole, view review is
scene & strong : dawn, hard, dream-on.

she holds along and sends it down
to mark apace yr flying, meets him

said together blue to scheme her back
and opened light this eagle-flower, a

name & sign you are, unlocked again
is love's wave at simpler heat, cloud

dragon-sky, eye at leaping-in to wait
the inner workings made revealed, and

made example, said unconscious, even;
the world's power made like this,

particle joined in throng's mass
controlled examples, love's, passion.


Grace-fire, term turn & spin, her
finger in, for love, & light's fire

flames outer sung the rest, rests,
flown from sign these poles return

the simpler waves are new, a world
collapsed is hardly refuge, children.

yr noises late at night recall the dream.
milk my hand, this telephone, yr sighs

arrive. Love's permanence, names the
day at fires twice together comes,

on yr back & folded open, sprays the
top off, yr head to push me in &

sigh at sign & song, as sung, this
butterfly hot-rocks, yr rolling in my

heart, the same eyes brown together in
behind yr tubes are lighted from within.


Would clear, yr heart's favor sending.
doorways soon resume, to seasons airs

this calm returns, or weapons drawn to
flower, shorn about; some climb to see

them in the room, yr feet against my
shoulders, fingers flash, and driving

in around yr pleasures, gasp to tight
release resumes the flying bird is

woven out from light to calm the same
signs are love's own time the spaces

drawn at thigh my tongue is song
enough for words, perhaps, again.

would claim, for you, love's names
my own children, arm-heart, eye-

strong and willing life to tangle out
within these rooms the signs arrive.


Yr faces forced like light as further
stood the roof the same: an artist

and his model says the pictures of
yr pleasure please me both to take

them in between our songs to make
the dream I had become a simpler

act than you'd imagine, down along
our days. And understand, what's

private grows between our hands &
makes the work more plentiful, as

open in between yr legs, a pretty
face resembles going along, I

thought I'd tell you this, that what
you'd reamed before, the same for

me, we'd find a way to make it
true in single frames, this face together.

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