William Repass lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (U.S.A.), and works as a projectionist
and film librarian. His work has appeared in, or is forthcoming from, Bennington
, Denver Quarterly, Hobart, Small Po[r]tions, and elsewhere.


Hey, man of few words, ditch that there crop duster. Snatch your sickle and pass the jug of xxx. We may not pickle a ragamuffin rabble but we can, it's May Day. Cancel that custard and pass forks out, woman of portmanteaux, I'll pass along the pitch. "Barbaric rite," Serf City Sunday Times declaims—that place mat rag! Ain't time for trebling z's, it's curtains for our freudal gland lord. Pass the gas can, if you please,

and we'll lift the "no avail." Down in front, by cereal! You'll block my view of the straw man we've massed here to immolate this evening. Barrel organs sow mayhem through papier-mâché back alleys, ear drums throb with bone ash and corn dust lore. Oh and thanks by the by for this rabbit mask, it matches my smock. Yes, we torch him every year and every year he's back, the dry and crackling hay stack rag doll, tarred and feathered, hey! Long live the Rites of Man!

Toss me that match book, Sonny Ray. Hear those toxins tolling through the blood? Let's torch him once more, my jocund band of bandits, for the last time mayhaps. In the name of Lazy Susan.


Meat surge. I repeat, meat surge, meat surge. Emergency, red alert! We hover on the brink of insurgency. Cheap meats merge as rich meats cleave and feet dirge in the street, soles raw. We talking thaumaturge or dramaturge? Hurry, it's a meat mallet orgy—meat cleats beating down, down! Street curbs curb concrete verbs. Blurbs murder mutton's bleating lietmotif. So to speak hurts, it hurts repeating blood bleed blood. "See, a second meat surge, sarge. Sarge? Medic! Treat the sergeant's meat, before red goes green. Gird your tender loins, courage!" Green beef, salami Samothrace! Fait accompli: their fleet has turned to flee. Ceasefire, cede power. Scab over scab. Urge teats, churn cheese curds, eke a drab living off milk and meat, off repeat, repeat. How many heat/work ergs? But Meat Surge I means Meat Surge II. Burning irridenta, meat burnt black. Flirt with scourge, flicker. Slur, spittle flurry. Meat slurry, green sludge. Fleas replete with blood in flying fur. Spurt. Resurgent surfeit. Blood like red birds flits through.

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