David Ishaya Osu is a Nigerian poet. His works have appeared in publications
including: The New Black Magazine, Saturday Sun, African Writer, Gobbet Magazine,
Elohi Gadugi Journal, The Kalahari Review, Ann Arbor Review, Sentinel Annual
Literature Anthology
(SALA 2012), Poetic Diversity, and forthcoming elsewhere.
He is included in the recently published anthology, A Thousand Voices Rising: An
Anthology of Contemporary African Poetry
. David is currently exploring Japanese
poetry forms, as well as polishing his debut poetry book. He is also a street
photography enthusiast.

(for Kemi Femi)

from the keyhole
you watch
the film:

she plucks at
her strands ploughing
the scalp with rosewater

she fingers. a sparking silence.
Arpeggios arouse

sonic aromas lather
your lobes and you
launch at the dance floor

she's behind a
a screen of sonata painting
Mozart and Beethoven naked


sweet rods and figs
rock my teeth
robe them
in red

my skin
roasts down
to my roots
blood roaring away
into cones


i was teased
when my wimple
the tealights

Flash flood

breeze flexed
his petticoat
her flesh
flared out where
the pink whorls hung
during the rain dance and
they unlocked their limbs
whirled them into a saucer
from where they ate their flans

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