Robert Wood is interested in place, relationships and ecology. He is the author of
History and the Poet, and, Concerning A Farm. Robert is the Chair of PEN Perth in
Western Australia. Find out more at:

In the reflection of copper
we saw tables
laid with a feast
with candles and whole ducks
with pomegranates and rabbits
with lambs
that they shot for us
as we stood at the edge of the limestone pit,
looking at corruption and whiteness.

Rabbit is vast.
Ox is vast.
The myrtle and the hollow ship
sail to the gateway of belonging
come to our horizon, make land
to serve
macadamias wrapped in paperbark
jellies of quince
and a soufflé called the woken dead.

It is the nature of desire
to seek marron not lobster
to char not bisque
to tango
while the world is spooning risk.

We built this house
from lashes and accessories,
a church
from clay, mud, bark,
with the beaks of egrets for spades
and their bones were the mortar that kept it standing straight.

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